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Just a few more steps to complete…

You have successfully registered for the Gold Trading Festival, and your free trading account is being set up right now within your new Fullerton Suite trading portal.

Your next step is to log in to your new Fullerton Suite trading portal to complete your registration for any of the following Gold Trading Festival activities that you are interested in:

  • Gold Trading Cashback

For the Gold Treasure Hunt, no additional registration is needed on Fullerton Suite. Simply Like & Follow our Fullerton Markets Facebook Page to get chest clues and take part.


1. Complete Your Registration

Check your email within the next few minutes for login details to your Fullerton Suite.

Log in to Fullerton Suite and click on the specific module for the Gold Trading Festival activity you are interested in (Gold Trading Competition or Gold Trading Cashback) to continue and complete your registration for them.

2. Like & Follow Facebook Page

Treasure hunt clues, prize notifications, competition leaderboard updates and other important news for festival activities will be posted on Fullerton Markets Facebook Pages.

To get notified real-time, make sure to Like and Follow any of these pages.

Visit Fullerton Markets global Facebook page and/or your local country Facebook page by clicking the respective links below, then LIKE and FOLLOW the page:

3. Watch Out for Key Updates on Email and Facebook

Important news for the Gold Trading Festival activities like Cashback, Prizes, Leaderboards and more will be emailed to you or posted on the Facebook pages, so keep your eyes peeled for them!